Hi, I'm Leonard

Leonard is a Savannah native, brother to 5 siblings and son to his very own superhero, his mom. Leonard credits his mother for the man he has become today. His philosophies of self-determination are being greater than our circumstances and drive to outwork your potential have to lead him to engage in a life of service.


Leonard is a proud husband and an adoring father to 5 children and continues to perpetuate his mother’s goals amongst his own family.


Leonard began a humble career as a dishwasher at Savannah’s favorite, The Mulberry Inn, while attending high school. It was clear to leadership that he was special and with his ambitious drive, he was given additional responsibilities. He catapulted to Operations Manager by 23, General Manager and valued member of the portfolio’s Leadership Team at only 27 years old.


Leonard currently leads a diverse team of 60 associates, all of whom he hopes to develop into leaders, both personally and professionally. His mentorship includes team members who may have been passed over as a result of background or circumstances. His fair but tough leadership style has advanced many to outcomes they may never have dreamed of.


As an advocate of all, in 2020 he began his second term on the Board of Directors for the Tourism Leadership Council of Savannah and is 3rd Vice-Chair with Chatham County Republican Party.


It is with a sense of purpose and success as a proven leader Leonard will make a difference in the 6th District of Chatham County. He believes personal responsibility, accountability, and integrity translate into being a trusted leader.


Leonard is quoted saying “This is my home and my journey from poverty to where I am today gives me a powerful acumen into how we can boost the Southside's struggling economy, align purpose and gain consensus for better lives for our residents”.


“The Massey Difference”